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Productivity Vs STUFF

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Have you ever been in a place where you find yourself surrounded by so much work that you can’t leave it alone, only to find that all of this “work” resulted in no progress?   I know I have, and it’s one of the prime reasons for businesses not achieving the results that make them prosper.

STUFF is the by-product of the lack of understanding of systems and processes that energize a business and give it legs to reach the goal of 10X, which is something we all try to achieve by offering the best product or service in the markets we operate in.  STUFF are also the things that lack the energy and enthusiasm generating components. So many people believe that doing the bare minimum is adequate, when really these things don’t get them anywhere. As an example, governments are built upon the STUFF model, as they are only designed to operate at status quo, and most people working within them have no true goal of providing the ultimate service or product to the consumer…because they don’t have to.

When a business is free from STUFF, it simply feels good.  It feels good to the clients, it feels good to the owners and it feels good to those who believe in what the business delivers in its entirety.

So, how do we eliminate the STUFF from our world?

  • Eliminate the idea of letting the past control the future.  Most successful entrepreneurs have failed many times in the past.  The difference between them and those who are unsuccessful is that those who succeed start with the future, rather than live in the past.  The past can give you some good tips and tools of what NOT to do, but the sole focus on everything done in the past is not a catalyst for massive improvements moving forward.
  • Focus on the right teachers.  Similar to our children, most people listen and learn from people who are focused on maintaining the status quo.  As much as I believe in the extreme value of good teachers, the education system breeds simplicity and is shown by what our teachers are willing to accept within their organizations.   Small cost of living increases?  Limited school supplies? Shorter school days? Elimination of extra curricular activities?  As professionals, we must follow great leaders and teachers and truly learn what generates the biggest gains and developments within a business.
  • Eliminate the need for being everything to everyone.   Focusing on what you are good at makes your business more efficient.  Out of the top 20 things you need to do in a given day, there are likely 3 things that you excel at and 17 things that create more STUFF in your daily routine.  Leverage other people to help you maintain the focus on everything you are great at, as you are being paid to be the best at what you do.
  • All progress starts by telling the truth. Most people live in a world of half-truths.   From designations to awards to experiences…people try to play up up their business in a way that they believe it will impress people.   Spin it around for second and think to yourself about how many people actually believe these things.  How many potential clients look at everything about your business and believe it’s 100% true?  Not too many in most cases.  People value honesty and good faith, so the more full truths you can put out in the world, the quicker you form trust and the stronger your business feels to the outside world.  This item in itself will eliminate the need for more STUFF filling up your business.

Be Grateful – Be Happy – Be Honest

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