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Aviation Integration


As one of the few real estate professionals that holds the valuable credential of a pilots license, I have successfully been able to integrate it into my business model and take real estate to a whole new level.  Not only does this open up a world of options for the marketing and promotion of the properties I represent, but also allows for a much broader scope of opportunities when it comes to the trust and abilities I can bring to the table for my clients.

I truly believe that in order to properly represent any property, I personally need to gather as much knowledge and intimate information as I can about the property, rather than hand it off to someone to do it for me.  In order to accomplish this task, I need to touch, smell and taste many elements of the property, and the only way of doing this is by seeing it first hand.  Being able to fly to locations such as Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, San Diego and many more, opens up a whole new world for my clients, and solidifies quality representation across the state. Being able to personally inspect a property also helps in the valuation, as well as assists in the negotiation strategy when the time comes to handle offers that come in.


What Do I Fly?

I typically fly aircraft from a company called Cirrus Aircraft.  Cirrus produces two primary models, being the SR20 and SR22.   Cirrus is known for the ballistic parachute (Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System) that is built into every aircraft.  In 426705the event of a serious failure or loss of control, a rocket deploys a multi-stage parachute that safely brings the aircraft to the ground, typically without incident.   Cruise speeds for an SR22 are about 180-185kts (About 213 MPH).  As a typical example, this would result in a trip from Santa Monica Airport to Palm Springs in under 25 mins, and without the concerns or frustrations of traffic.


  • Palm Springs
  • Napa Valley
  • San Diego
  • Lake Tahoe
  • San Fransisco/San Jose
  • Santa Barbara
  • St Luis Obispo
  • Monterey County