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Trust & Probate

One of our core specialities is the area of Trust and Probate Sales, working directly with attorney’s and clients to maintain the integrity and quality of the process.  As these types of sales are sensitive for families, our approach is directed towards education and limiting the exposure to extreme conflict or intense negotiations, of which, by understanding the clients needs and positioning, can be done strategically and without undue stress.

Our highly specialized real estate marketing model involves an accelerated sale process aimed at stimulating significant interest in a trust or probate property and generating multiple offers at or over its estimated fair market value. This approach combines a tight and targeted marketing period, strategic pricing and deal-specific buyer instructions to mimic an auction-like environment without the stigma of a property at auction. We customize a program for each individual property based on the needs of the estate and fiduciary, ranging from a rigorous institutional protocol to a professional executor model to a friends and family program.  These strategies take into account local market conditions, the prominent features and condition of the property, as well as the administrative process requirements established by the trustee and attorneys representing the client.

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Full-Service preparations of home sale, including staging, painting, decluttering and junk removal.
  • Dedicated team of professionals on hand 24/7, including title officers, escrow officers, loan officers, real estate attorneys, and a full compliment of inspectors and general contractors to tackle any issue as they arise.
  • Access to complete cataloging services, including photographs and assistance with obtaining specific expert valuations when appropriate.
  • Premium (bonded and insured) movers available on demand to assist with removing items that are of importance to the family, or required to be moved to storage facilities.
  • Exclusive access to aircraft, rotorcraft (helicopters) and FAA approved drone pilots to assist potential purchasers on gaining aerial perspectives of land and structures.
  • Un-matched communication and reporting process from the beginning of the listing to beyond the close of escrow.  Our clients can rely on us for information at anytime.
  • We have the experience and a good grasp of the paperwork necessary to handle any property matter. We can give advice which is to the point and focuses on the big issues, because we’ve seen and done it all many times before.
  • We know exactly what is required to help you navigate through the complexities of deal structure, technical considerations, due diligence, transaction documents and protecting your interests both pre and post-transaction.

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Here's How We're Different...

Our Aviation Integration Program allows attorneys and fiduciaries to maintain the highest levels of trust and accountability with client property matters in many cities outside of the local area through the use of General Aviation aircraft.

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Our PROPRIETARY Conflict Resolution Coaching Program run by top Dispute Resolution professionals allows us to help all of our attorneys and fiduciaries accomplish their case goals.  The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods can serve as an integral part of both an estate administration or family law litigation matter, focusing on specific elements, in order to avoid the roadblocks that can sometimes fall into play.

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Our personal international and out-of-state affiliations span to multiple countries and states, allowing all of our listings to get in front of potential buyers beyond the normal scope of typical agent marketing.  We are connected to some of the top brokerages in countries such as Canada and The Islands of the Bahamas, and around the U.S. in areas such as Miami, New York City, Ft. Lauderdale and Chicago.

Simply put, the biggest complaint I hear from both attorneys and fiduciaries is the lack of communications from real estate agents. This is why we have integrated a policy of connecting with people at a level that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.  We strive to return all phone calls and emails within 1-2 hours of receiving them, supply same day title reports and deeds, and guarantee our client communications is second-to-none.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that being “TOO BUSY” is extremely subjective, and our ability to communicate efficiently enhances the quality of the service, the experience and the results.


We represent YOU, the client.  Our fiduciary obligations will always stay with you.